Fabien Roquet

Physical oceanographer



Fabien Roquet, Prof

Professor in Physical oceanographer


Department of Marine Sciences, Gothenburg University

Room 5455, Medicinaregatan 7, 41390 Göteborg

Institutional webpage: Fabien Roquet

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Tools and products

  •  Since 2014, Fabien R. is leading the development of the MEOP-CTD database. The data from animal-borne instruments are stored in the MEOP-CTD database, which is publicly accessible through the MEOP data portal http://meop.net. The database currently contains 500,000+ profiles, 85% of which are freely available. The database comprises profiles of temperature and salinity as a function of pressure, located in space and time.

  •  Contribution to the development of the IOC-UNESCO TEOS-10 (Thermodynamic Equation of Seawater – 2010) standard, through the development of accurate polynomial expressions for the equation of state of seawater that are now distributed on http://www.teos-10.org.

  •  Contributions to the development of the widely-used state-of-the-art ocean model NEMO (Nucleus of European Model for the Ocean) regarding the thermodynamic and vertical mixing modules of the code.

A number of tools are available on my GitHub page:

  •  polyTEOS10: algorithms to compute the density of seawater

  •  thermohaline loop: a Fortran-based implementation of the thermohaline loop

  •  MEOP-QC tools: QC tools to process MEOP data

Other publications

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