I am a physical oceanographer interested in determining what sets the global characteristics of the ocean circulation. My research interests span the three mainstays of physical oceanography: observation, theory and modeling. Involved in research activities since 2004, my early work focused on the observation and study of the Southern Ocean. I am in particular involved in the development of animal-borne CTD tags, which are now a major source of data in Polar Oceans. I am also interested in the study of ocean thermodynamics and mixing and how they control the global overturning circulation.

My main research interests:

  • Southern Ocean circulation
  • Instrumented Elephant Seals gathering hydrographic data (MEOP, AniBOS)
  • Ocean modelling (NEMO, MITgcm)
  • Ocean energetics and thermodynamics
  • Structure and dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

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